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The league is open to drivers from the UK&I club. You must be currently residing in the UK or Ireland.

License requirements are in line with the official iRacing Radical Racing Challenge series. You must hold at least a D 4.0 road license.

Entry to the league is free on a first come, first served basis.

See the Sign Up section for registration instructions.

Sign ups will be processed up until 6:00 PM (UK time) on Thursdays (race night).​


The league follows the schedule of the official iRacing Radical Racing Challenge series. See the Schedule page for the current season schedule.

Events take place every Thursday. All times listed are UK time.

2.1. Practice

Open practice starts at 7:15 PM.

2.2. Qualifying

There are 3 qualifying formats in use throughout every season:

  • Solo qualification - max 3 laps within 8 mins, starting at 9:05 PM

  • Open qualification - 10 mins, starting at 9:05 PM

  • Full practice qualification - 1h 55 mins, starting at 7:15 PM (best lap in session), used at the Nordschleife only

Laps are disallowed if you incur an incident (managed automatically via iRacing's incident system).

2.3. Races

In 2023 Season 1 we are introducing two formats, in order to bring a bigger challenge to our competitors. 9 out of 12 events will use the Sprint+Feature format, and 3 events will use the Mini-endurance format. See the Schedule page for format per round. 

All races use a standing start.

Sprint + Feature Race

The grid for the Sprint Race is determined by the results of the final classification of the Qualifying session. 

The number of laps in a Sprint race is 60% of the laps in official iRacing Radical Racing Challenge races, or approximately 15 minutes.

The grid for the Feature race is determined by the final classification of the Sprint race, with the positions of the top 10 finishers reversed.

The number of laps in a Feature race is the same as in official iRacing Radical Racing Challenge races, or approximately 25 minutes.

Mini-endurance Race

The grid for Mini-endurance races is determined by the results of the final classification of the Qualifying session. 

The number of laps in a Mini-endurance race is 175% of the laps in official iRacing Radical Racing Challenge races, or approximately 40-45 minutes. Fuel is restricted and all drivers must complete a mandatory pitstop. 

We also host practice sessions during the week, as well as a special event during iRacing Week 13. Details are shared in the league Discord server.


Sprint + Feature




 7:15 PM


9:05 PM

 9:05 PM


9:15 PM

 9:17 PM

Sprint Race

9:32 PM

 9:35 PM

Feature Race

10:00 PM





 7:15 PM


9:05 PM

 9:05 PM


9:15 PM

 9:17 PM


10:00 PM


4.1. Weather

Weather is the same for all rounds, with very minor variations. The typical settings are:

Temperature: 78°F

Relative Humidity: 55%

Wind Speed: N @ 2MPH

Skies: Partly Cloudy

4.2. Track Conditions

The track is cleaned between sessions (Auto-Clean Marbles: Yes).

Qualifying starting state: 20%

Race starting state: 20%

4.3. In-sim Date & Time

Date: Saturday of each race week

Time: 9:00 AM

4.4. Incidents

All iRacing incidents count (e.g. track limits, loss of control and contact).

Incident limit is set at 15x for every race. Reaching or exceeding this limit results in disqualification. The limit is raised for special events (endurance races of 40 min or longer).

4.5. Fast Repair

There is one fast repair available to all drivers in every race session.

4.6. Setup

All league events are run with open car setups. Feel free to check out the Setups page for setups kindly shared by community members.


5.1. Points Scoring

Points are awarded based on finishing position in the race.

For Sprint races points will be awarded to the top 20 highest finishing drivers according to the Sprint Race Points table.

For Feature and Mini-endurance races points will be awarded to the 30 highest finishing drivers according to the Feature/Main Race Points table below.

Sprint Race Points Table


Feature/Main Race Points Table


5.2. Drop Rounds

Three (3) drop rounds will be available for all drivers. The three lowest scoring points results from all race results will be dropped automatically so that the highest 9 out of 12 scoring results are taken to determine the final season standings.


We welcome league members expressing themselves through personalising their driver information and car. 

6.1. Car Numbers

All drivers may choose a dedicated car number to use in league sessions, as long as it is available. The currently allocated car numbers can be found on the Car Numbers page.

Drivers can request a car number when signing up to the league via the Sign Up for on the website, or by contacting an Admin through Discord.

6.2. Car Liveries

All drivers are encouraged to use custom liveries representing their teams, sponsors, or partners in compliance with the iRacing rules. There are no mandatory league or sponsor elements which need to be added.

The Trading Paints software is utilised for displaying custom liveries during the broadcast, and drivers must have it installed on their own PC in order to be able to view custom paints in iRacing.

All liveries must be free from political, racist, sexist and any other content that may not be suitable for YouTube.

6.3. Driver and Team Information

Drivers may request a custom nickname to be used for them in league sessions instead of their default iRacing name. This is only allowed in case you prefer a different spelling or casing to be used for you name.

Driver and Team information displayed on broadcasts is pulled from the SDK Driver Information app, and drivers are welcome to edit their details directly in the app. In case of issues with displayed data, please contact an Admin in Discord.


All participants in the UK&I Radical Race Series are expected to abide by the iRacing Official Sporting Code.

To keep the league friendly and enjoyable for everyone, we also have the following Expectations:

  1. Be respectful to each other, we're here for fun.

  2. We follow the iRacing Code of Conduct, and as such, we are a family friendly service. Please refrain from profanity in the iRacing Chat Service, save it for Discord (where we all swear like troopers).

  3. Racing incidents do occur and while we all try our best to avoid these issues, they are inevitable but never intentional. If you do have an issue that you feel aggrieved by, contact a league Admin. For peace of mind, we also have anonymous stewards to review incidents.

  4. No intentional wrecking during or after any of the league sessions, including practice, qualifying and post-race finish.

  5. If you have a spin or an incident, please look at your relative (F3 Black Box) and your mirrors to make sure that it is safe to rejoin. Unsafe re-joins will be reviewed.

  6. If you have been involved in an incident, take time at the end of the race to review it. Other members of the league will also be able to review it and provide a neutral perspective. Discuss the incident with the other parties involved. Don't just ignore it. 

  7. If you join part way though the season, be aware that other drivers may be fighting for championship positions and drive accordingly.

  8. Above all, have fun!!!

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